These are the songs we’ve been singing recently.

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We worship together to bring glory to God and encourage one another. Our worship of God is the loving response of those whom God has saved through Jesus Christ. And as we gather, it’s through Scripture, songs, prayers, teaching, and mutual ministry, that the Spirit builds us up.


Through music we hope to accomplish two things: lead us in our worship of God and create a space where we encourage one another. To do that we sing songs that are true, good, and beautiful. We sing songs that center on remembering who God is and what he has done, especially through Christ. We value both older hymns and freshly written songs of today. We emphasize corporate singing as our highest priority, but also seek to create music that responds to the variety and creativity of God.

For more information about CrossWay’s music, send us a message. Someone from the Team will get back to you soon!