Jesus. You’ve probably heard his name. We want to make sure you know what his name means.

Jesus is God’s one and only son. And his name tells us what God’s done. Jesus means “God saves.” This is good news—gospel—only if you know a larger story, the human story.

God made us to live for him in the world he made. Sadly, we’ve always wanted things another way. God calls this sin. And sin brings God’s just judgment.

Enter Jesus. God sent Jesus to save us from God’s just judgment. In Jesus’ death and resurrection God judged our sin. In Jesus, God offers to remake us to live for him in the world he’s made (and will one day remake). In Jesus, God saves.

But the good news of Jesus isn’t the type of news you just consume and then forget. It requires a response from each and every one of us. The gospel places a call on each of us.

In order to receive forgiveness for your sins and eternal life with Jesus you must turn away from your sin and put your trust in what Jesus has done on your behalf.

It is when you do this that God saves you. Your sin and judgment are left behind; they died with Jesus.

New life now awaits.

New life in Jesus is marked by the same gospel, or good news, that saved you.

This is because the gospel of Jesus is news that not only takes us from death to life, but is news that sustains our new life in Jesus.

We call this being Gospel-Centered.



When a follower of Jesus is Gospel-Centered it means that the gospel is at work in their life. We pursue gospel-centrality in a variety of ways.

We preach the gospel to ourselves. That is, we seek to first know, and then remind ourselves again and again of all that is true about us because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

We seek to apply the gospel to every area of our life. That is, we seek to allow the gospel of Jesus to shape us into individuals who love our enemies, are grateful for what we’ve been given, are generous with our time and resources, and are both merciful and just.

We allow the gospel to be the thing that motivates us as we seek to follow Jesus. That is, we reject the fear, guilt, self-interest, and pride that so often motivates the religious, and instead allow God’s grace – demonstrated in the gospel of Jesus – to draw us deeper into a holy faith.

Put simply, the gospel is how we know Jesus; It is this Jesus we’ve come to know and love and cherish. And we’re really eager for you to meet and enjoy him.

If you’d like to find out more about Jesus or the gospel-centered life, send us a message. Someone from the Team will get back to you soon!