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We give because we’ve been given much

Giving financially is an opportunity to respond to God’s generosity to us, namely in sending His Son to die on the cross for our sins. Giving is not an obligation, it’s a privilege for all those who follow Jesus.

God designed us to give to experience the fullness of all He has to offer. Giving is a way God shapes our hearts and aligns ours with His. It’s a way for us to be a part of something far bigger and beyond ourselves. It’s why when we give, we often experience a greater joy than any sacrifice we’ve made.

Other Ways to Give


Give cash or check
when baskets are passed Sun morning


Mail checks to:
13905 75th Street, Bristol, WI 53143

Why are we doing online giving now?

We believe giving financially is a way to worship God. Historically, giving has occurred in one venue, on Sunday morning. This has limited some peoples ability to give for pragmatic reasons like not having cash or checks. Online giving provides followers of Jesus a venue to participate in giving. Each Sunday, whether you give online or some other way, intentionally consider what God has done for you and your response to him in worship.

Is giving online secure?

The vendor managing online giving meets the highest standards of security and compliance. They are in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Their Level 1 PCI compliance certification is attested to annually. The secure gateway is PCI Level 1, SOC1, and SSAE 16 compliant.

How much does it cost to give online?

There is no cost to the giver when giving online. There is a cost to the church. ACH (Bank) Transfers have a fee of 1%. Debit cards incur a fee of 2.9% + $.30 for each transaction.

Why isn’t it possible to give with a credit card?

Online giving is intentionally limited to giving through your bank (ACH) or with a debit card. This is designed so giving is done out of resources one has, rather than presuming on resources that may become available in the future.