Gospel Communities are small groups of people who are committed to trusting, living out, speaking, and sharing the Gospel together. Being a disciple of Jesus is a community effort. Gospel Communities seek to live their ordinary lives with gospel-intentionality.

All Gospel Communities at CrossWay have the same vision: to pursue and help others pursue Gospel-centered Discipleship together. Practically, Gospel Communities are highly principled but significantly flexible. The principles for Gospel Communities can be outlined through eight commissions.

Eight Commissions

The eight commissions outlined below are principles for every Gospel Community. Out of these commissions, Gospel Communities are entrusted to pursue rhythms, events, and other initiatives to cultivate a network of relationships that pursue trusting, living-out, speaking and sharing the gospel together.

Commissioned to Form

CrossWay members are encouraged to form Gospel Communities with five provisions to keep in mind:

  • Every GC needs at least 6 individuals
  • Prior to launch, the entire initial GC needs to go through GC training
  • Every GC needs an Elder to provide oversight, care, and counsel
  • Every GC needs to create a “GC Covenant” so that expectations within the community are clear
  • Every GC member needs to commit to the community on a year by year basis

Commissioned to ‘Schedule'

A Gospel Community is a set of relationships, not an event – or series of events – that you attend.

GC members should view their participation in GC not as “something to schedule”, but instead as something like “living every-day life for Jesus…together”.

Commissioned to Belong

Gospel Communities do not exist for themselves. Instead, they exist to strengthen and contribute to CrossWay’s pursuit of its overall mission. All Gospel Communities will have the same vision, be commissioned during a Sunday morning service, complete Gospel Community training, have ongoing training with other Gospel Communities, and create a covenant. In addition, every Gospel Community will be linked up with a Pastor/Elder for ongoing help and oversight.

Commissioned to Include

Gospel Communities will be an environment to invite individuals and families who are already a part of or around CrossWay into deeper involvement and community.

Commissioned to Build Up

Gospel Communities are a context for the Spirit to build up the church. We trust that all followers of Jesus have been given the Holy Spirit and particular gifts, talents, skills, and passions for the good of one another.

We trust that God will raise up servant leaders for Gospel Communities that help leverage the individual gifts for the collective good.

Commissioned to Serve

Gospel Communities are a way for CrossWay members to serve others. Our hope is that Gospel Communities would serve in a wide variety of places and capacities.

Commissioned to Witness

Gospel Communities are themselves a witness to the gospel of Jesus. As the community loves, serves, and cares for one another in the midst of the world around them, they are a testimony of Jesus’ way.

Gospel communities may seek to witness by:

(1) Engaging people in the environments that they already occupy and participate in (e.g., school, work, extracurricular activities, neighborhoods).

(2) Evidence: Look for evidence of God’s work among the people in those environments.

(3) Evangelize: Introduce people to God and invite them to take the next step towards him.

Commissioned to Multiply

Gospel Communities are for others, they are not just for ourselves. Over time, as Gospel Communities invite and witness to the people around them, they will grow. Once they reach a strategic point in size and timing, Gospel Communities will multiply into two or more Gospel Communities to make room for more people to be pursued and included.

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