Bringing glory to God through the transforming of lives
                 by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
                   Our passion is that all people find their satisfaction in God alone.

Christ The King


For the last several years CrossWay has longed to see the gospel proclaimed among the diverse peoples living in and around Kenosha’s downtown area.  We have been praying, watching and waiting for God to raise up a leader and core group to send into Kenosha to plant a Christ-exalting church.  God has heard our prayers.  A leader has been identified and a core group is being gathered.  This year CrossWay will plant Christ the King Church in downtown Kenosha.  

CTKC Update Oct 2013

So much has happened since our last update.  CrossWay officially sent about 150 people to plant Christ the King Church in late August.  The following week, Christ the King Church became the new owners of the church building and property located at 5934 8th Avenue on Library Square (formerly First Congregational Church).  We are so grateful for God’s kindness to us through CrossWay as well as First Congregational.  What follows are some more updates.


Christ the King Update: An Exciting Opportunity

There has been a very exciting development regarding CrossWay’s church plant - Christ the King Church.  A long-time church in Kenosha, First Congregational Church (FCC), is offering their building to Christ the King for a very modest price of just over $90,000.  First Congregational Church’s building sits on Library Square in downtown Kenosha (5938 8th Ave.).

For the last four months, CrossWay’s elders have been in a process of carefully exploring the feasibility of Christ the King Church acquiring FCC’s building.  The two biggest concerns have been the structural integrity of the building and the missional integrity of the building (whether this building would be an effective tool in advancing CTKC’s mission).  Five different inspections of the building’s major systems have yielded a confidence that the building is sound and has been well-maintained, though it needs some work.  The elders have been weighing several factors.  The pros are the building’s location in the city, its visibility, its usefulness, its overall condition, its cost and the timing of its availability.  The concerns have been: possible mission distraction, ongoing building maintenance, parking limitations, sanctuary size (it presently seats 330), and the more formal, “churchy” feel of the building.  After a season of careful deliberation, the elders have concluded this building would be an effective tool for CTKC to make Christ known in downtown Kenosha and have unanimously recommended that CTKC pursue the acquisition of the building. 

Read more for pictures and current update.


Christ the King, April Update

April 24, 2013

God is presently at work all over the world.  As you read these words, God is purposefully and powerfully transforming lives in every nook and cranny of the globe.  There is coming a day when we will sing the praises of our God in the great company of the redeemed from every nation, tribe, people and language (Rev. 7:9).  And now, as God causes the gospel to go forth in power to all nations, He brings international glory to His name.  Consider the words of Psalm 48:10, “As your name, O God, so your praise reaches to the ends of the earth.”  Where God’s name is known, His praise is sure to follow.


Christ the King - March Update

Nearly three months ago CrossWay announced that it would be planting a church in downtown Kenosha – Christ the King Church.  The people living in downtown Kenosha are a diverse crowd but share a common need: Christ!  The mission of Christ the King Church is to glorify God by making known the life-transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.  CrossWay Community Church is planting Christ the King Church so that more people will hear the gospel and be radically changed which glorifies God.

We know that God is stirring people from CrossWay to go to be a part of Christ the King Church (CTKC).  Many people are asking the question: Should we go?  How do you know if God is stirring you to go?



Seriously, do we really have to move?

I am thankful there is a lot of excitement surrounding the planting of Christ the King Church. And well there should be.  But a question on a lot of people’s minds goes something like this…

“We only live 5 miles away from downtown Kenosha.  It is just a 7 minute drive to Reuther.  Are you saying we really have to move?”

The short answer is yes.  There are two common sense reasons why people need to move into the downtown area if they are going to be a part of Christ the King Church.  You can summarize these two reasons with the two words “proximity” and “credibility.”